Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sexy factory

1- Hello, how are you after your photoshooting? Was it the first one?
no, Anne has worked with me before and she's awesome!  Best photographer in SL

2- Was it fun? exciting? hot? boring?
Extremely fun.  Anne is such a sweetheart and keeps everything fun and sexy!

3- What do you think of Anne, the photographer?
She's the most amazing talent in SL.  Gorgeous eye for what is beautiful.

4- Now...When did you wear your sexiest clothes and why?
I wore a tight corset latex dress because it shows off the sexy curves of a woman's body without showing off everything at the same time.  Then a tiny little latex bikini.  *grins*

5- What’s your favorite thing about the opposite sex? I'm in the middle of the genders.  The good ole' transgender
So I love the strength and power you feel in a man's body, and the soft gentle curves of a woman's. 

6- would you ever try a threesome? with 2 guys/2girls/1 guy-1girl?
I love group sex or orgys.  I don't care the combination of people....all men, all women, shemales.....I love it all

7- What is the sexiest single article of clothing that a woman can wear?
I have a big kink for stockings.  I love a woman in some sexy sheer stockings!

8- for you, who is the sexiest male celebrity? female one?
men, I think Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous.  big strong sexy man with beauiful eyes
women, Bianca Kajlich and Kate Beckinsale are absolutely gorgeous, sexy.....just make me so horny looking at.

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