Tuesday, December 31, 2013


1- Hello, how are you after your photo shooting? Was it the first one?

- I am great it was a lot of fun with Anne shooting. I also did a shoot with Inari before.

2- Was it fun? exciting? hot? boring?

-Anne made it hot an exciting to shoot, think she brought out the best in me.

3- What do you think of Anne, the photographer?

-She was wonderful made me feel at ease and warmed me up fast to the shoot, i loved the experience.

4- Now...When did you wear your sexiest clothes and why?

 _ depends on your definition of sexy i guess but i would say when i go dancing i like to show off a bit and be noticed.

5- What is your sexiest sexual fantasy?

- its a bit naughty but it starts with my partner/love tying me to bed and blindfolding me, then i feel
 more then one set of hands on me but cant see whats happening only feel my body being touched and kisses and more..

6- would you ever try a threesome? with 2 guys/2girls/1 guy-1girl?

- I would yes i love exploring new things and with right people i think it would be unforgettable.

7- What is the sexiest single article of clothing that a woman can wear?

- Shoes :)

8- for you, who is the sexiest male celebrity? female one? 

Hmmm sexist male celeb....well after seeing Thor i would have to go with Chris Hemsworth. For Girls i think Kate Beckensale.

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