Monday, March 25, 2013

Sophie, a sexy dancer

Anne Quan - Hello, how are you after your photoshooting?
Sophie Stuer - I feel great, it was funny, exciting and the time hv run fast.

A.Q. - Was it fun? exciting? hot? boring?
S.S. - As i said in the first was wery funny, exciting, not boring at all...

A.Q. - What do you think of Anne, the photographer?
S.S. - She is a sweetheart, makes me feel totally comfortable while she works and does a great work, loved the pics.

A.Q.- I met you at a strip club...Do you like to strip? Why?
S.S. - Yes...i do like to being arouses me knowing that i can tease someone...

A.Q.- Have you ever had sex with customers? Males? females?
S.S. - Nope, never...

A.Q.- Who’s the last person you undressed in your thoughts?
S.S. - My virtual bf? laughs

A.Q.- Who is the sexiest male celebrity? female one?
S.S. - Jude Law...i think e is very sexy indeed...a girl? Penélope Cruz, she is realy hot!

A.Q.- What is your sexiest sexual fantasy?
S.S. - I prefer let you find it...i d say that i m flex and open mind

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